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Reaching Out
gateficawards wrote in gatefic
We've reached a 75% response rate so far, with right at 3 days remaining to accept nominations for inclusion in this year's awards (23:59 Eastern US DST, June 30th).

There's a few people from whom we haven't gotten a definitive "yay" or "nay", and we're hoping some of you out there might be able to point them in this direction.

For several of these, we have an email address, we just haven't heard from them yet. We've also sent PMs where we could, but might not have received a response yet. With any luck, some of you are on their flist and know if they're on vacation, having computer troubles, etc., or if their inboxes have eaten everything we've tried to send. Nudge 'em our way, will ya?

Yes, it looks huge. It is huge. But that's only 25% of the remaining nominations.

Responses will be screened to protect email addresses. If your name is on this list, either reply to the nomination notification we sent you (it may be in your spam folder), or email us at awards [at] gatefic [dot] com to request a new copy. Alternately, your name may be on the list and you already HAVE responded to your nomination. If so, we apologize, but please leave a comment here to let us know so we can search through our overflowing inbox.

Names will be scratched off once we hear from folks.

One last thing: we're not the Stargate Fan Awards. If you have previously declined participation in that program and wish to decline to participate in ours, you'll have to let us know that. The GateFic Awards is an opt-in program, meaning that you have to ACCEPT the nomination to be included; we do not automatically include nominations without the creator's prior approval.

randomfreshink is in Montana and dealing with the fires there. I've seen her once online in the last six weeks, so she might not have spotted your e-mail at all.

Ah, yes, I remember seeing that. But, her address is Gmail, and we've had a LOT of trouble with Gmail this year.

AnnO's on the Stargate Devotions list

Yep, another Gmail address. Gmail hates us this year...

I'm sending synecdochic a PM for you

My old email addresses both got hacked. I'll PM you my new email or you can send to my LJ addie.

PM please... your @livejournal email keeps getting bounced back.

sending msgs to jaxon_knight, antares and synecdochic

It does help! There's an email address listed on her profile there.

Karen G. Mullian is recovering of surgery, if I'm correct. Will contact her.

So we've been told, and while her email provider isn't one of those we've had trouble with, there's a fair chance she's just been too busy.

If she's unable to respond this week, though, we'll happily forward her nominations to next year's program.

Hi! I'm lavitanuova - I got your initial email and replied, then I got your email saying you hadn't gotten a response, and wrote back. I was told you'd be sending along something else and then never heard anything after that. :) If PM works better, feel free to do it that way! But send it to this account because I don't use lavitanuova for anything but posting fic.

Gmail has been letting us send replies to existing threads... we're giving that a shot. If you don't have our reply soon-ish, we'll PM it.

Heya! I was in Idaho visiting family. :/ Sent in my email though!

I've PMed merryish and theemdash.

I have responded! Which I say mostly so all my friends will stop messaging me about it. ;)

Please post this list to the official Gatefic site!

es_charmed on is also on livejournal, as escharmed though I have no idea if she reads pm's/email there.

Several of these people (Anise, es_charmed, Heather Anderson, Cee, Jacquelyn Smith...) are/have been on the tokra-resistance or the samandmartouf yahoo-groups. I will try to pm them through that, but I am not sure if their email-addresses there are current either.

hey guys id just like to say yes and thank all those that put me in for this

Did you get our email with the list of nominations, or do we need to send it again?

I've PMed jaxon_knight, teand, paian, and synecdochic.

Paian got back with us... still waiting on the other three, though!


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